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Ghana’s Joel Nettey hands over IAA Chairmanship to Sasan Saedi

Ghana’s Joel Nettey hands over IAA Chairmanship to Sasan Saedi

Sasan Saedi has become the new leader of the International Advertising Association (IAA) following the expiration of the tenure of Joel Nettey as Chairman and world President.

Joel Nettey, a Ghanaian and the first African to lead the network of marketing and marketing communications professionals was sworn in virtually two years ago. His leadership saw Accra play host to the fifth edition of the International Advertising Association’s (IAA) Africa Rising Leadership Conference this year.

The two-day event with partners, Google, CNN, Brand Finance, MTN, and Women in Marketing, threw light on the success stories of brands in Africa and had some persons share their knowledge and experiences in branding.

It climaxed with a presidential ball and handing over ceremony which saw persons from Academia, Politics, Media and the advertising industry meet at the Labadi Beach Hotel to Dine and witness the swearing-in of the New President for the Association as well the board members.

Outgoing world President and Chairman of the IAA, Joel Nettey in his farewell address expressed gratitude for the unique opportunity given him to lead the association and wished the incoming leadership, the best.

“It has been a great honour and I will be eternally grateful to all of you for finding me faithful to lead the IAA over the past two years. As I reflect on my tenure, I cannot help but mention the goodness of God. The challenges and opportunities we met at the beginning of our term, required each of us to bring our A-game to the party and A+ was brought. Because of this, the IAA saw some of its best years over the period”, he said.

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Adding that “As the sun sets on one era and rises to usher in the dawn of a new one, He wishes the new world president and Chairman, Sasan Saedi, and the Executives all the best, as they build on what generations of IAA volunteers have left them”

Sasan Saedi who takes over from Joel Nettey thanked his predecessor and stressed on the need to remain relevant at a time the world is confronted with many issues.

“We are indeed living and working in unprecedented times. Remaining purposeful, helpful, hopeful, and more relevant is even more crucial today than before. Our aim has been and will be to fundamentally focus on ensuring that we are working through a united framework in which how we operate and conduct ourselves globally and locally become equally paramount”, the incoming world president said.

Joel Nettey’s experience remains a pillar towards improving the advertising industry in Ghana. Ghana’s Advertising bill has been on the table for about a decade with little to no effort made to pass it. In a time where the Advertisers Association of Ghana has reechoed calls on the government to pass the Advertising Bill, Joel Nettey says the bill, when passed will help guide what is done in the Advertising industry in Ghana.

“I believe in the youth of Ghana. I have employed many of them and I am astounded every time with the ideas they come out with but it still has to be in a certain context. It still has to be guided and I think the advertising bill when passed, although it will not be the panacea to all ills but it will clean out the mess so that the good works can stand out”, Joel shared.

The International Advertising Association, established in 1938 is the world’s most influential network of marketing and marketing communications professionals. For over eighty years the Association has played a strong role in supporting key industry issues such as freedom of commercial speech, self-regulation, responsible advertising, education, and professional development.

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