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Keche addresses the economy in ‘Something must happen’

Keche addresses the economy in ‘Something must happen’

Ghanaian musical hip-life duo formerly known as Keche now Keche Global, have released a new song titled “Something Must Happen” to address the current economic hardship in the country.

According to Joshua Kojo Ampah and Andrew Kofi Cudjoe, this song came about after giving thought to several complaints from Ghanaians especially the youth during their conversation and lunch meetings with them.


In an interview with Maame Animwaa on the Zone, they disclosed, “People are suffering, you won’t believe the number of people I have to send money to every day to either start a business or feed on and it is heartbreaking. You take these university graduates for a meet-up lunch and they won’t stop complaining about how difficult it has become to survive”.

They further emphasized Ghanaians should abolish the thought that their song was made for political purposes.
“The song is to encourage Ghanaians, especially the youth to wake up and work to reduce the hardship on them, it was not made to attack any political party”, they said.


They persuaded the youth to be more interested in self-employment and work for themselves no matter how small the business is to make something happen, as well as desist from depending on political parties for survival.
They also commended how celebrities in the country have joined their voices to the people to ask for good governance and economic situation.
“The fact that you voted or campaigned for a particular political party doesn’t mean you will continue to praise them when things go bad. I like how the celebrities even those who campaigned for the ruling party have come out to question their activities and seek accountability”, they added.

The musical duo Keche was formed in 2004 and gained popularity after the release of their song “Pressure” in 2011. The Keche group became a silent name after their last song, “Aluguntugui,” was released in 2012, until they came back with massive bangers in 2020, “Good Mood and No Dulling.” Their 2022 comeback has become more exciting and controversial with their latest song, “Something Must Happen.” The song explains in detail the current economic situation in Ghana. In the song, they tried to push their audience to wake up, work hard, become dependent on all political parties, and help reduce the economic hardship and hunger in the country.
The musical duo now prefers to be called Keche Global, as they believe they are about to go global and have a good connection with their fans, especially the youth.

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